Who’s Who in Terminology: Ingrid Meyer (1957-2004)

whoiswho2A renowned lexicographer and terminologist, Ingrid Meyer held a BA in French and German from McMaster University (Canada), an MA in Translation and a PhD in Linguistics, both from the University of Montreal (Canada). She worked as a professor at the School of Translation and Interpretation at the University of Ottawa (Canada), a position that she held from 1983 until the time of her death.

She worked primarily at the intersection of language and computing. Some of Ingrid’s most notable achievements include her pioneering research into the development of terminological knowledge bases and a variety of corpus-based studies, including investigations of terminological metaphor, de-terminologization, phraseology and the identification of knowledge-rich contexts via lexical patterns.

Her valuable research appeared in publications such as Lexicology and Terminology and she participated regularly at major conferences such as Euralex, Terminology and Knowledge Engineering (TKE), and Coling.

According to her colleagues, she was known as a modest person and a model of cooperation, with great organization and time management skills. She was a role model for her students, always showing great interest in student welfare, even encouraging them to go to grad school, and seeking research grants to offer them financial assistance.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a picture of Ms. Meyer even after contacting several people. If you have a photograph or know of someone who might have one, please let me know so that I can publish it. Thanks.

Some works by Ingrid Meyer (links provided when available):

  1. Edited by Lynne Bowker: Lexicography, Terminology, and Translation, Text-based Studies in Honour of Ingrid Meyer (2006)
  2. MEYER, Ingrid; ZALUSKI, Victoria; MACKINTOSH, Kristen, FOZ, Clara. Metaphorical Internet Terms in English, French and Spanish (2001)
  3. MEYER, Ingrid. Extracting knowledge-rich contexts for terminography. A conceptual and methodological framework. Also see Google books.
  4. MEYER, Ingrid Computer words in our everyday lives: How are they interesting for terminology and lexicography? (2000)
  5. MEYER, Ingrid and MACKINTOSH, Kristen. (2000) L’étirement du sens terminologique : aperçu du phénomène de la déterminologisation (Le Sens en Terminologie)
  6. MEYER, Ingrid; MACKINTOSH Kristen; and K. Varantola. Exploring the reality of virtual: On the lexical implications of becoming a knowledge society (1997)
  7. MEYER, Ingrid. and MACKINTOSH, Kristen. Refining the Terminographer’s Concept Analysis Methods: How Can Phraseology Help? (1996)
  8. MEYER, Ingrid and MACKINTOSH, Kristen. The corpus from a terminographer’s viewpoint (1996)
  9. MEYER, Ingrid., BOWKER, Lynne, and ECK, Karen COGNITERM: An Experiment in Building a Terminological Knowledge Base (1992)


Source (extracted/adapted from)

EURALEX newsletter, autumn 2004. Zoominfo.

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  1. Hello,
    Thanks a lot for this brief and comprehensive introduction of Dr. Igrid Meyer. I am fascinated by her work on lexicography and terminology. By the way, I came across a book published by the University of Ottawa, (Lexicography, Terminology, And Translation) compiled by Lyenne Bowker and a group of researchers in similar field as Ms. Meyer. Her photograph is in the inside cover of the book. Please check it and affix herewith the introduction, you can. Thanks a lot for your kind work.
    M. Abraham Sanyoh
    Geneva, Switzerland

  2. Thanks for your comment. I will try to locate a copy and see if I can add her picture. Thanks for letting me know.

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