Who is Who in Terminology: Sergej Alekseevič Čaplygin (1869-1942)

whoiswho2Sergej Alekseevič Čaplygin was an aerodynamics specialist, author of works related to theoretical mechanics on water, air and gas and approximation methods to solve differential equations. Like other scientists of his time, he became interested in terminology after realizing that subject experts were not communicating to each other effectively due to the misuse of scientific terminology (mainly in physics and chemistry). He believed that scientists needed to be more actively involved in solving terminological problems to facilitate scientific research.

In 1933, as member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences, Čaplygin established the Soviet School of Terminology alongside Dmitrij Lotte. Together they prepared a paper on tasks and methods for the management of technical terminology and founded the Technical Terminology Committee of the Science Academy, whose functions included the creation of a technical and scientific theory of terminology and the establishment of principles for term formation and conceptual systems. He also helped develop terminological systems for the major technological disciplines as well as methods to regulate Russian technical terminology used by scientists and engineers.

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