Updated blog post on terminology standards, and huge thanks!

thank-youWhen I receive mail from my readers, I feel that my work on this blog is worth the long hours of writing and researching. This time I was honored to receive a note from Prof. Dr. Georg Löckinger, a professor of technical communication at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, and a university-trained translator and terminologist, who tells me that he reads my blog feeds regularly.

I truly appreciate the feedback that he provided on my recent blog post on terminology standards. He corrected some inaccuracies on my post, mostly on the list of committees and standards, and suggested links to freely-available standards.

I wanted to publicly thank him for taking the time to make the corrections, since this blog is educational and I know it helps all of us to be informed and learn about terminology.

Thank you, Mr. Löckinger, for your kind words supporting my blog. It is people like you who keep this blog going!

You can read the new version by clicking here.


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