Update on IMOT

This year I wanted to do something special for the blog, a product that hopefully will help many people take a first look at Terminology in a general way, but also that gives them an overview of what Terminology involves. This is why I have been working lately in gathering some of my basic posts and some more to create an eBook. Yes! An eBook. I have the cover ready and it has already been revised by an experienced colleague and friend. It will take a few more weeks to come out. The designer of the cover will help me put it all together in an eBook form. I am really excited with this project, so you won’t be hearing much from me in the following two weeks.

BUT! In the meantime, please vote for In My Own Terms and share the Terminology love! The importance of sharing is key, especially with your language loving colleagues who may have not discovered IMOT yet! This year the competition looks really tough, but, with your help, I hope to stay in the top positions. Thank you again for your support and stay tuned for the eBook.

Top 100 Language Blogs 2017 – Voting

2 Comments on “Update on IMOT

  1. Congratulations my dear! : )

    I am so curious about this e-book. I am sure you rock as always! Good luck and best wishes!


  2. Thank you, Besharat. I’m really excited with this project. I hope you like it.

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