Twitter handles and hashtags relevant to Terminology

Before I give you my list, you probably know that both handle and hashtag in Twitter are good examples of  Terminologization, if you remember my post on that topic. So first things first, here is a short history of their origin.

CB radio

CB radio

The term handle comes from the CB radio (Citizens Band radio) that originated in the US in 1945 as personal radio services to permit citizens a radio band for personal communication. It was the slang word for a user’s radio name (alias). CB was the social network at one time.


Messina’s tweet

The term hashtag was used in 1988 on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to categorize items such as images, messages, videos and other contents into groups so that users could find them more easily. It was Chris Messina who first proposed to use it for Twitter groups. Although Twitter rejected his idea saying that it was for nerds, it was Stowe Boyd (as he himself claims it in one blog post) who was the first to use the term hashtag to denote those “channels” of communication.

Ok. Enough of that and here is what I found terminologists are using as preferred hashtags to share content.


#t9y –  #terminology




#tttconf (International Translation Technology Terminology Conference)

#1nt (interpretation)


#l10n (localization)




#tech (technology)

#techxl8 (technical translation)

#xl8 – #t9n – #translation



And here are the handles of terminologists, companies and organizations that regularly tweet terminology content.




@CalamburTrad (Marta Prieto)


@GornostayT (Tatjana Gornostaja)



@mulleflupp (Raphaël Toussaint)

@nundrea (Núria de Andrés)

@Paul_Translator (Paul Smith)



@BesharatFathi (teletermino)


@termiguelsaib (Miguel Sánchez)

@terminologia (Licia Corbolante)






@transgalator (Gala Gil Amat)

@wordlo (Maria Pia Montoro)



Who am I forgetting? Share your favorites in the comments.


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CB radio image source

Messina tweet image source



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