“I like good strong words that mean something…” - Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

“I like good strong words that mean something…” – Louisa May Alcott, Little Women

So, if you think terminology is something you want to do, I recommend the following training courses. For university careers check out TermCoord’s Terminology at Universities all over Europe.

1. The Pavel tutorial (free) , offered by the Government of Canada’s Translation Bureau (TERMIUMPlus) is well organized, easy to understand, and it’s offered in English, French, and Spanish. I believe this is a great start and a must-read. It is divided into six sections: Introduction, Terminology Research Principles, Methodology for Creating Terminology Records, Tools, Standardization, and Supporting Documentation. It has useful exercises so can test yourself as you  learn. While you are there, make sure you check out the Linguistic Papers by Silvia Pavel, which include useful resources such as the “Handbook of Terminology”, (more advanced stuff) made up of three chapters: Principles of Terminology Research, Terminology Work Methodology, and Terminology Work Tools; with appendixes such as List of Principal Standardization Organizations.

2. The Alexandria Project (Resources and Learning Centre for professional translators and interpreters), located in Germany, offers webinars on terminology, as well as other useful resources such as ebooks. “Drafting a Terminology Project Plan” and “Terminology Management for Translators” are recent webinars provided by AP.

3. SDL Language Solution (Trados) recently offered a series of webinars on terminology, such as “Creating a termbase: The data model, data categories, and what to include”. So, you might want to check their page occasionally.

5. TermNet (International Network for Terminology in Vienna, Austria) offers the ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association) basic and advanced certifications for terminology managers. You can take them online (2 month each) or attend their summer school (one week).

6. AulaSIC in Spain offers courses in Spanish for translators and some related to terminology. Check out their course catalogue here.

8. offers on occasion webinars on terminology.

9. ATA offers a wide range of training opportunities in translation, and you should check it frequently to find terminology specific events.

10. Pompeu Fabra’s Online Master Program in Terminology.

11. Introduction to CAT and Terminology Management by the New York University

12. eCPD webinars. Webinars and courses by Lucy Brook’s team. Great courses to complement your terminology knowledge.

13. Business School for Translators by Marta Stelmaszak, another great place to complement your terminology knowledge.


The MOOC list is the search engine of online free courses in case you need to get training in other areas. For terminologists the project manager courses are highly recommended, for example.



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