The Importance of Terminology: Elevator Pitches – A guest post by Adam Earl

tomedes picFINI recently wrote a blog post called Elevator Speech for Terminology and Tomedes, a translation company, took up the challenge and one of his freelance writers, Adam Earl, wrote four different pitches. I’m sure you will like them as much as I did!

Explaining concepts concisely and accurately is something that is crucial when working on document translation. The concept of an ‘elevator pitch’ highlights the need for conciseness effectively, and here are a few terminology-related elevator pitches I’ve come up with to compliment this blog’s current interest in them.

Example 1

Client satisfaction is dependent on accurate communication. But how will we be able to communicate accurately if we don’t have a common point of reference? This is where the importance of terminology comes in: after establishing a common terminology, client and seller will be able to communicate both quickly and effectively. This produces a drastic increase in efficiency, saving both time and money. And who doesn’t want to save time and money?

Example 2

How do we produce a return on investment that’s both consistent and sustainable? We agree on terminology. When we have a shared terminology, we have a shared mind. And with a shared mind we can do away with the communicative restrictions that shackle us to reduced profits and impotent productivity.

Example 3

Is it really possible to duplicate our efforts by making a single change to our working relationship? Yes! It’s found in using a mutually-agreed terminology. Have you ever thought about how much time and money is wasted by trying to explain concepts to others? When we agree on a terminology we don’t have to waste either!

Example 4

Quality and efficiency often seem to be at odds to each other.  By becoming more efficient, quality is generally sacrificed and vice versa. But wouldn’t it be great if we could guarantee both quality and efficiency? Well, when we agree to use a shared terminology, it’s possible to do just this! By conveying large and complex themes in concise and to-the-point terms, we won’t have to choose between quality or efficiency.

Author Bio

Adam Earl works as a freelance writer and communicator, and writes for translation agencies as well as other technology-related blogs.

Whether you are an individual or an agency and would like to contribute to this topic or any other topic related to Terminology, I will be happy to publish it at no cost. Remember that this is an educational blog free of ads and NO monetary compensation is accepted. I’m very happy that people want to come up with ideas as long as they contribute to Terminology as a professional career, so feel free to contact me at any time.


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