Resources on Project Management

  1. Project Management Institute (PMI), which publishes PMBOK guide (
  2. Project wisdom from Max Wideman, author of the first PMBOK guide (
  3. 40 years of great projects (video) (
  4. Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) (
  5. Projects at Work, a US resource for project managers (
  6. Project Smart, a UK resource (
  7. Projects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) (
  8. Project management guidelines and templates from the Government of Tasmania (
  9. Award-winning project (video) (
  10. How PRINCE2 works (video) (
  11. ISO standards on project management (
  12. Origins of project management (
  13. Critical chain (
  14. Four phases of the project life cycle (
  15. Nine project management knowledge areas (
  16. Visual presentation of the process groups and knowledge areas (
  17. Triple constraints that impact projects (
  18. Myer-Briggs Personality Types for project management (
  19. Myers-Briggs-style questionnaire (
  20. Managing stakeholders (
  21. Templates for each project phase (
  22. Writing SMART goals (
  23. Feasibility study fact sheet (
  24. Business case fact sheet (
  25. Project charter templates (
  26. Writing the project charter (
  27. Sample stakeholder register and template (
  28. Holding a project kick-off meeting (
  29. Building a PM Plan (video)
  30. Project Management Plan Template with explanations of how to use
  31. Quick overview of project scope management
  32. Overview of all Project Time Management processes
  33. Overview of Quality Management for projects.
  34. Jennifer Witt video on communication management
  35. Risk management planning, including what can go right and wrong
  36. Discussion about scope creep and how change control can help prevent it.
  37. Explanation of procurement and tendering processes
  38. Definition of Variance Analysis
  39. Meeting quality targets to improve project results
  40. Directing and managing project execution
  41. Saying no to change requests
  42. Example of how a project originally described as a failure can end up being deemed a huge success.
  43. Overview of Project Management Closeout
  44. Simple, cartoon overview of Project Management.
  45. Short overview of a whole lot of project techniques and tools


Resources by Open2Study Principles of Project Management.

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  3. Hi, thank you for giving this useful resources links about project management this is a great help to me as I am new in project management I will bookmark this for my future reference and share with others too.

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