Termontography… What?

how-to-draw-dinosaurs-133It would almost seem like a word taken from a paleontology dictionary for most of us. So I present to you: Termontography!

Termontography is a hybrid term from Terminology, Ontology (the study of the categories of things that exist or may exist in some domain), and Terminography (the compiling of collections of the vocabulary of special languages).

This methodology was developed by Rita Termmerman (Centrum voor Vaktaal en Communicatie) – sociocognitive theory–along with Koen Kerremans and a group of experts. It’s an approach that combines theories and methods for multilingual analysis with methods and guidelines for ontological analysis. It was originally used for the European project FF POIROT in the field of financial forensics.

The person who works in termontography is called a termontographer. In his work, he usually collaborates with field specialists of the domain who develop an initial framework of categories and relationships that serve as a template for the manual and semi-automatic extraction of knowledge from domain-specific corpus and list them in a termontological database that offers category descriptions by language as well as culture or language specific information.

Therefore, the termontography approach aims to (1) describe ontologies with (multilingual) terminological information, and (2) structure terminological resources with ontologies.

Categorization Framework (CF) is a language independent concept model to classify terminological information that describes a certain domain by means of concepts and concept relations (term, category, meta category, term meaning, meaning, attribute, etc.). The framework can provide detailed information on the extraction of terms and contexts from a multilingual corpus of texts and help decide more efficiently which terms are considered translation equivalents and whether they need to be placed in the same terminological record. It can also help update aligned or merged terminologies.

The tools used in termontography analysis are the Categorization Framework Editor (CFE), the Termontography Workbench (TW), and the Termontography Editor (TE).

Sources and further reading:

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  1. I’m interested by this methodology and ask you if its object is the same of the ontoterminology developed by Christophe Roche. I want to know what difference between them.

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