Terminology 101

IMOT Basic Course on Terminology for Beginners and Beyond. Click here to learn the basics on terminology from my collection of blog posts in a “course” format.

A few of the topics listed below are included in the above course, but it also includes some additional information that I excluded, so you can also use as a complement. Also check out my menu above for even more info!

1. Pavel’s Key Points (a summary of the main points of Pavel’s tutorial)

2. How to Coin Terms

3. How to Handle Definitions in Termbase Creation

4. A Termbase: What you should know

         4.1 Sample termbases

         4.2 A termbase: Is not about the terms! (The concept-oriented approach)

         4.3  My Termbase Cheat Sheet (downloadable PDF!)

5. The Business Case

          5.1 ROI and Benefits of terminology

6. ISO Standards on Terminology

          6.1  ISO 12616 Translation-Oriented Terminography

          6.2 Refresher Course on Terminology Standards

7. Terminology extraction tools (an annotated list)

8. Game rules

9. Terminology workflows (examples of terminology work from beginning to end)

10. Training (where to look for training)

            10.1 The Terminologist’s Job Description

11. Terminology Talks (My interviews)

12. My Smart Terms (A collection of blog posts on special terms)

13. Infographics (A collection of my very special infographics on terminology history)

14. Terminology Terms

15. Terminology and Copyright



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