Terminology and Translation Book Raffles. A Reminder!

Did you miss it? If you are new to my blog, maybe you missed this recent post. If you forgot, you still have time to sign up. The raffle will take place on Friday, April 7. Here is the text of my original post:

Here it is again. Next April 8 is IMOT’s Third Anniversary! I can’t believe how time has gone by so fast! I am starting the raffle today, February 14, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day to enjoy friendship and love (Terminology love, that is!), and also to give you enough time to send me a message in Contact Me to let me know that you are interested. Please indicate (1) full name, (2) book preference, (3) country of origin and residence.

Just like last year, I have two books, one on Terminology and one on Translation. The Terminology book, as every year, is “Corporate Terminology Management: An approach in theory and practice” by Ariane Großjean, a book that is great for beginners and non-beginners in terminology, and for the translation book this year I have chosen “Is That a Fish in Your Ear?: Translation and the Meaning of Everything” by David Bellos, which a colleague recommended a while ago.

Want to read about previous winners? Check out the first-year winner, Asma AIOtaibi from Saudi Arabia, and the second year winners Danae Parmaki, from Greece (Translation book) and Olga Umaña from Colombia (Terminology book) . Send me a message now to have a chance to become one of the third-year winners.

This raffle is made to thank you, my dear readers, for your support during these three exciting years. I think my best compensation, being this a non-profit educational blog, is to hear from those of you who decided to study Terminology thanks to this blog, or who didn’t know anything about Terminology and are learning about it through In My Own Terms. So let’s keep sharing the terminology love!

Feel free to share this message with your colleagues. If you prefer to send me an email directly instead of using the Contact Me form, the email is inmyownterms@yahoo.com. I will probably do the raffle on Friday, April 7, here at my office with my colleagues as witnesses, so you have plenty of time to send me that email. Shipping costs are on me, of course, regardless of your location.

Happy reading!

2 Comments on “Terminology and Translation Book Raffles. A Reminder!

  1. Hello,
    I would like to sign up for the raffle, currently, I do medical interpretation, but I also work as a legal translator and, occasionally, interpret for depositions and immigration cases . I live in the U.S and my country of origin is Cuba. So, if I’m lucky enough, I would prefer anything that you have related to the Health Care, failing this, Legal.
    I thank you in advance and congratulate you for the initiative that you have taken.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Arlyn. Unfortunately, the raffle is over. I indicated in the post that the raffle took place last April 7. I hope you can participate next year.

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