Reviving the Terminology Handbook by Silvia Pavel and Diane Nolet

pavelMany of you probably already know Pavel’s Tutorial, which is an online course that presents the basics on terminology with useful exercises. The Tutorial it’s a great place to start, but also Silvia Pavel and Diane Nolet of the Terminology and Standardization Directorate of the Government of Canada had published the Terminology Handbook in 2001. 172 pages full of useful information.

The Directorate put together the work methods they developed over the years of intense terminological work in the form of this handbook, with the aim of sharing its acquired knowledge with other organizations. So it’s another great reference document that you should at least browse and keep in your favorites. As with the tutorial, use it taking into consideration that many developments have occurred since its publication in 2001. Here is a summarized list from its table of contents:

Introduction: What is terminology/What does a terminologist do/Terminological activities/Terminology Tools

Chapter I. Principles of Terminology Research

Chapter II. Terminology Work Methodology

Chapter III. Terminology Work Tools

It includes some appendices, a very useful glossary. The handbook is also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Happy reading!




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