Who is Who in Terminology: Helmut Felber (1925-2005)

felber bookEugen Wüster’s long-time colleague, Helmut Felber was an Austrian terminologist who studied Civil Engineering and Philosophy, spoke English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian, and worked as librarian, teacher, translator, and interpreter. From 1964 to 1970 he was research associate of Eugene Wüster at his private research institute.

Felber contributed with more than 100 publications to the development of terminology research. In 1970, he took over the management of the international secretariat of ISO/TC 37 at the Austrian Standards Institute in Vienna. From 1971 to 1985 he headed the International Information Centre for Terminology (Infoterm).

With his work at the Austrian Standards Institute and Infoterm, he contributed to the development of international terminological principles and the creation of multiple dictionaries. He also contributed significantly to the establishment and development of terminology teaching, and in 1974, he took over Wüster’s introductory lecture on the General Theory of Terminology at the Department of Linguistics of the University of Vienna.

In 1989, Helmut Felber and Gerhard Budin published a monograph on “Terminology in theory and practice”. In 1993, Helmut Felber published a comprehensive work with the title “General Theory of Terminology and Knowledge Engineering – Theoretical Principles” which is both a consolidation and a further development of the basic foundations laid by Wüster. In 2001, he summarized his research findings under the title “General theory of terminology, knowledge and knowledge engineering”.

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Some works by Helmut Felber:

  1. FELBER, Helmut (Hrsg.) (1979): Terminology as applied linguistics. Memoir for Univ.-Prof. Dr. Eugen Wüster.
  2. FELBER, Helmut (1984): Terminology manual.  Infoterm.
  3. FELBER, Helmut and BUDIN, Gerhard: Terminology in Theory and Practice (1989)
  4. FELBER, Helmut. General terminology teaching, knowledge teaching and knowledge engineering. Theoretical foundations and philosophical reflections. TermNet. (2001)
  5. FELBER, Helmut. Basic Principles and Methods for the Preparation of Terminology Standards (Standardization of Technical Terminology: Principles and Practices) (1983)
  6. FELBER, Helmut, Eugen Wüster — a pioneer in terminology (1973)
  7. FELBER, Helmut, International terminological activities in the Austrian Standards Institute (1971)
  8. FELBER, Helmut, L’élaboration de directives internationales pour la Terminologie et pour la Lexicographie (1970)
  9. FELBER, Helmut, Standardisation of Terminology in U.S.S.R. (1970)

Source (extracted/adapted from):

The Wikipedia (German) [visited on 12/28/2014]

30 years of Infoterm – International Information Centre for Terminology

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