Terminology and Term – An interactive presentation

use mouse to open window picMaking Terminology fun is one of the goals of this blog. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to achieve, but I try to combine serious stuff with more fun stuff, when I can. Learning doesn’t have to be boring. So I have made this PowerPoint presentation on “terminology” and “term”.

I have selected the most common ones, otherwise it would be an endless list of words. I have provided the definitions I found in several sources, mostly TermTerm.org and ISO’s browsing platform, OBP, which are excellent sources when you are looking for definitions related to terminology.

I hope you find it useful and fun! Don’t forget to share in the social media! Enjoy!

[embeddoc url=”http://inmyownterms.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Fin-Term-and-Terminology-Interactive-Fun.pptx” viewer=”microsoft”]

Click here to see Picture Source.

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