TermCoord’s Terminology Toolbox

Terminology ToolboxTermCoord put together an excellent collection of resources for the terminologist, the translator, and anyone who deals with terminology. A resource that you just MUST have among your favorites. Terminology Toolbox contains the following tools:

  1. Add-ons: Term Wiki Toolbar, Intelli Web Search, DictionaryBoss Toolbar, Term-minator, Proz Toolbar, Taus Search Widget, EuroTermBank Add-on for Microsoft Word, Terminotix Toolbar, TermWiki Widget, WordWeb.
  2. Look-up tools: Lexicool.com, OneLook Dictionary, Wordnik, Memidex, Global Glossary, BabelNet, Dante, Glosbe, ProfessorWord, OneLook, QwickUp, YourDictionary, WordNet, Soovle.com, IntelliWebSearch, Examine32.
  3. Concordancers (to download): AntConc, TextSTAT, TransSearch, WordSmtih Tools, KwickFinder.
  4. Corpora-based concordancers: TAUS Data, MyMemory, Le Migou, Linguee, Corpus of Web-Based Global English: GloWbE), OPUS, TradooIT, WebCorp, WeBiText.
  5. Websites: TermNet, TermWiki.com, TERMCAT, Terminology Forum, Glossarissimo, Terminologia etc., BIK Terminology, WorldLo, GeneSis, InmyOwnTerms, German and Slovak Law, The Interpreter Diaries,
  6. Terminology Databases: IATE, EuroTermBank, EuroVoc, UNTerm, FAOTERM, UNOGwTerm, UNESCOTerm, UNHCR, WTOTerm, ECSWA Glossary, VINTARS, UN interpreter’s glossaries, UN Resolutions, OECD Terminology, MultiTes (World Bank Thesauri), Humanterm, ITU terms and definitions, ILOterm, IMF Terminology, Lexicool (NATO terminology), TERMIUMPlus, Le gran dictionnaire terminologique, AxoneFinance, TermSciences, Webopedia, Microsoft Language Portal, Electropedia, MeteoTerm, WebTerm, MediLexicon, TermWiki, TERMCAT, ISO Concept Database, FranceTerme, TERMPOST, The Global Fund Terminology, TouristTerm, Proz.com term search, Multilingual REACH and CLP terminology database ECHA-term, Minéfiterm, OnTerm, SICE, TERMISTI, TERMDAT, TassS, SAPTERM, WIPO Pearl.
  7. Glossary links: TermCoord’s search page for their multilingual glossary collections.
  8. DOCHOUND: EU Interinstitutional Document Search: Basic documents, legislative, Overview of Procedures, Press and library.
  9. Link to download IATE.TBX.
  10. Link to the Public IATE page.

For more information on each tool, go to their Terminology Toolbox page, read the descriptions and access each resource by clicking on the respective link.

Happy searching!



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