Who is Who in Terminology? Alfred Schlomann (1878-1952)

Schlomann was a renowned German engineer and industrialist who became a terminologist after he started a project of preparing a series of technical dictionaries. Eugene Wüster’s research was partially based on theories established by Schlomann and his systematic… Read More

Who is Who in Terminology: Ferdinand de Saussure (1857-1913)

Ferdinand Mongin de Saussure was a linguist and semiotician born in Geneva, Switzerland. At 15 he was already a polyglot (being familiar with French, German, English, Latin, Greek and Sanskrit) and was already attempting to develop a ‘general… Read More

Who is Who in Terminology: Ernest K. Dresen (1892-1937)

Ernest Karlowitsch Dresen* was a Latvian/Russian-Soviet linguist and an expert on scientific and technical terminology, interlinguistics, and Esperanto. In 1926 he was the driving force behind the International Federation of National Standardizing Associations (ISA) (now the International Organization… Read More

Who is Who in Terminology: Eugen Wüster (1898-1977)

Who is Who in Terminology: Eugen Wüster (1898-1977) I’m starting this series with the obvious: The Father of Terminology, founder of the Vienna School and the General Theory of Terminology: Austrian terminologist Eugen Wüster. I have talked previously… Read More

New Year, New Section in my blog: Who is Who in Terminology?

After months and months of writing and researching on terminology and stumbling upon name after name of terminologists who have made great contributions to the field of terminology, I was curious to learn about them and thought it… Read More

The 11 Thinking Hats of Terminologist Eugen Wüster (Born October 10, 1898)

I thought it would be most appropriate to honor this Austrian terminologist on his 116 birthday (born October 10, 1898) by sharing some highlights about his prolific career. It is really hard to include all of his accomplishments… Read More

Terminology: Talking with the Pros: Interview with Rodolfo Maslias, Head of the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament

Thank you, Rodolfo for this interview. It is an honour to have you as my first guest in this series of short interviews with experienced terminologists who can guide us on our journey in the terminology field. In… Read More