Interview en español: El Café de la Tarde GT by Alejandra Durán

Thank you, Alejandra Durán, for giving me this opportunity to talk about Terminology en español. Here is the link to the recording. Para los hispanohablantes, sigan a Ale @aleduran23 y sus entrevistas con la etiqueta #ElCafédelaTardeGT.

IMOT goes to Translators on Air – Watch the video!

I was honored today to be interviewed live by Dmitry Kornyukhov and Elena Tereshchenkova for Translators on Air. I had a lot of fun and it was a great opportunity to talk about Terminology. Check out the recordings here: YouTube:… Read More

Guidelines for termbase design – SDL webinar by Prof. Klaus-Dirk Schmitz

Once again, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to give an overview of Prof. Schmitz’s webinar organized by SDL. As in past summaries (read  here) I think the initiative by SDL Trados is worth praising, not only because it’s… Read More

“Getting value out of your Excel glossaries” a webinar by Kara Warburton

As I mentioned in a previous post, terminologist Kara Warburton (Director of Business Development and Technical Support for Asia Pacific at Interverbum Technology – ‎Interverbum Technology) recently gave a presentation in the form of a webinar. Mats Granstroem,… Read More

Your questions answered: Terminology management and SDL MultiTerm

Fourth webinar summary is here! Robert Muirhead was the moderator for the last webinar by SDL Trados, and the speaker was Tom Imhof from localix.bix. After three amazing webinars, it was hard to keep up with the others,… Read More

Terminology management in practice – Real world example (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of the presentation made by Silvia Cerrella Bauer, Managing Director of CB Multilingual Ltd. during the SDL Trados webinar series on terminology. You can read Part 1 by clicking here and watch the video… Read More

Terminology management in practice: Real world example (Part 1)

Our third SDL Trados webinar summary comes from Silvia Cerrella Bauer, Managing Director of CB Multilingual Ltd. She has been freelance translator, conference interpreter, and certified terminologist, with a background in corporate communications and business administration and extensive… Read More

How terminology management helps to increase productivity

The second of the four series of free webinars by SDL Trados, coordinated by Kate Smith, SDL’s Field Marketing Manager, “How terminology management helps to increase productivity” was in charge of Barbara Inge Karsch, a well-known terminologist who… Read More

Improve translation quality and protect your brand with terminology management

A few weeks ago, SDL Trados had a series of 4 free webinars on terminology management. I am very happy that companies such as Trados take the initiative to improve our terminology management skills and invite guests who… Read More

3 terminology videos that you need to watch, and an upcoming webinar!

Let’s have an easy start for 2016, since I’m sure some of you are still on vacation. 🙂 These tutorials are a great way to start the New Year–great to watch if you are a newbie but also… Read More

An infographic, an article and two videos: New terminological resources

I’m always so happy to find new resources for my blog, because I can share it with you and expand my resource lists so that you can always come back to them when you need them. This time they… Read More

Terminology and Term – An interactive presentation

Making Terminology fun is one of the goals of this blog. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to achieve, but I try to combine serious stuff with more fun stuff, when I can. Learning doesn’t have to be boring. So… Read More