The New Terminologist – An All Around Talent

The Translating for Europe Forum took place this week In Brussels and Rodolfo Maslias, Head of TermCoord, made a very engaging presentation focusing on the skills required from terminologists. I recommend you check out his full presentation as… Read More

New role description for terminologists

Uwe Muegge (@UweMuegge) recently shared in Twitter the result of a joint expert collaboration among several organizations and individuals in the form of role descriptions for terminologists, translators, interpreters (spoken and signed language), and transcriber-translators. Below is their description for terminologists which… Read More

From Translator to Terminologist: Terminology as a Professional Career

There are those translators who manage terminology and also those who become full-time terminologists. More and more translators and other professionals are becoming terminologists or have dived headfirst into terminology research and work. Last week, held its Annual Virtual… Read More

Brushing up on your terminology skills

August is here and you will probably have just a few hours a week to freshen up your terminology skills. So I’m back on terminology ON mode with a little reminder of what you can do. It might… Read More

3 things you need to be a good Terminology Project Manager

Knowledge is power. And you acquire knowledge by learning the tools and techniques that are available and how and when to use them. If you are going to get involved in a terminology project, talk to people who… Read More

Terminologist or Terminology Project Manager?

One of the first questions I asked myself when I decided to look for training opportunities in terminology was “What does a terminologist do?” I wanted to know exactly what I was signing up for. The two sources… Read More