ISO’s Online Browsing Platform (terms and definitions)

You are probably aware that every technical standard published by ISO has a corresponding terminology. So you have access to reliable terms and definitions. It is indeed one of the little known sources to look for terms and… Read More

From the terminologist toolbox: Rafael Guzman’s “T-Manager”

A few weeks ago, translator Nancy Matis (@nancy_matis) sent me an email asking if I knew about this terminology tool. Indeed, I actually didn’t have it among my terminology tools but I did find it in Maria Pia… Read More

Terminology fun with Google Fight

If you haven’t heard about Google Fight then you are missing the fun of comparing two words or terms and see which one is the most popular in Google, that is, which one is more frequently used. Although… Read More

TermCoord’s Terminology Toolbox

TermCoord put together an excellent collection of resources for the terminologist, the translator, and anyone who deals with terminology. A resource that you just MUST have among your favorites. Terminology Toolbox contains the following tools: Add-ons: Term Wiki Toolbar,… Read More

Featuring Terminology IMOToolBox: Termium Plus

Update: Please note a few of these links are no longer available, but I have left them for historical purposes. You probably have heard about and used TermiumPlus from the Government of Canada, a terminology and linguistic data… Read More

Featuring Terminology IMOToolBox: EcoLexicon

Although this terminological knowledge base is dedicated exclusively to the environment, I believe it is worth a special mention here for several reasons: It is a free-access database, it has a user-friendly visual interface with different modules for… Read More

Featuring Terminology IMOToolBox: IATE Database

IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) is the terminology database for all EU institutions. It has been operational since the summer of 2004 and you can search the public version in 23 languages and 22 main subject areas, including… Read More

Featuring Terminology IMOToolBox: UNData

UNdata – a data access system to UN databases. The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) launched in 2008 an internet based data service for the global user community. You… Read More

Featuring IMOToolBox: UNTERM database

Following up on my blog post on UNOGTerm, you should know that in April 2013 the UN started consolidating the multilingual terminology databases from several of its bodies (in its 6 official languages). This is why if you… Read More

Featured IMOToolBox: UNOGTerm

UNOGTerm is the terminological database of the United Nations Office at Geneva containing more than 80.000 records in the six UN official languages (EN, FR, SP, RU, CH, AR). It was compiled from the many and diverse glossaries… Read More