Have you used DeepL, Linguee’s offspring?

I think we have all used Linguee, haven’t we? Well, the company changed its name last year to DeepL. Linguee is one of the most widely used computer translation engines: 1 billion users have made 10 billion consultations…. Read More

Magic Search tool for terminology searches

Thanks to Spiros Doikas, Translatum Founder, Greek translator, and CAT tool trainer for sharing Magic Tool. I copy below part of his presentation about the tool, but visit this page to read the details. It has been 4… Read More

Phrase Miner: A term extraction macro

Who doesn’t love macros! I know I do. If you like to experiment, I have a task for you. Let me know what you think of this macro created by David Turner. It looks interesting, but I don’t… Read More

Nine Terminology Extraction Tools: Are they useful for translators?

I am happy to share this 2016 article that was recently brought to my attention during the ATA Conference: Nine Terminology Extraction Tools: Are they useful for translators? by Hernani Costa, Anna Zaretskaya, Gloria Corpas Pastor and Miriam Seghiri… Read More

Bilingual Terminology Extraction from TMX. A state-of-the-art overview

Take some time to go through this presentation “Bilingual Terminology Extraction from TMX. A state-of-the-art overview” by Terminologist Chelo-Vargas Sierra, published a year ago. I found this publication during a recent workshop on Terminology at ATA’s 58th Conference… Read More

From the Terminologist’s Toolbox: WIPO Pearl Terminology Database

I was honored to meet Cristina Valentini, Head of the Terminology Unit in the PCT Translation Division at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) during the EAFT meeting that took place last year in Luxembourg. If you missed it, last… Read More

New Resources Portal, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

I was recently contacted by FH-Prof. Mag. Dr. Georg Löckinger of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria who shared with me an online information portal developed by the university’s bachelor’s degree programme “Product Design and Technical Communication”…. Read More

How to edit string codes for terminology search with IntelliWebSearch

I’m aware that many of you probably already use IntelliWebSearch (IWS), because it is a very user-friendly tool, but maybe the most complex part is the one I´m about to explain here. And it is as easy as apple… Read More

Conversion tools and difference checkers for language lovers

Here is a collection of useful tools. I have not included the usual PDF to Word or Word to PDF converters because you can easily find them online. I have added them to my blog’s Delicious list (https://delicious.com/imot)… Read More

From the terminologist’s toolbox: BootCaT Frontend

This corpus builder takes your links and extracts text that can be analyzed in a corpus analysis tool such as AntConc. There is a very easy tutorial that you can follow (see link below) in which they provide screen… Read More

From the Terminologist’s toolbox: Datamundi’s term extractor tool for PDFs

This tool was recently shared by Gert Van Assche (@Gert_VA) in Twitter and in The Open Mic (click here). Read more about this tool on Datamundi’s page and download the executable file here: http://www.datamundi.be/cms/index.php/tools/extract-terminology-from-pdf This is the description… Read More

From the Terminologist’s toolbox: Okapi’s Rainbow

I came up with this tool recently and downloaded it to my laptop and played a little with it for term extraction. It seems to be working fine, so I thought I’d share it with you. You can… Read More