The Science of Terminology

Yesterday, I published the post “From Translator to Terminologist: Terminology as a Professional Career”. Today, I want to talk about Terminology as science because some people could wrongly believe that Terminology has yet to prove that it is… Read More

Is this a glossary, a lexicon, or a thesaurus? How to tell them apart.

We have all come up with different types of controlled vocabularies and the truth is sometimes we don’t know if we are dealing with a glossary, a thesaurus, or a lexicon because in real life they tend of… Read More

Terminology: The DNA of Translation

Breathe in, breathe out. Open and close your eyes. Every little movement in our body is imperceptible. Every time you perform an action, DNA is covertly spinning its wheels, “writing the instruction manual on building the life that… Read More

Linked Data: Connecting the terminology dots

Linked Data: Connecting the terminology dots Last Saturday Rodolfo Maslias (TermCoord) shared in Twitter his post titled “One big cloud: All Terminology – All Languages”,1 a recount of the Datathon 2015 (Spain), in which he was a keynote speaker. The event… Read More

Overcoming Terminologiphobia: Causes and cures!

It was professor Mark D. Childress who referred to this term in his article “Terminologiphobia” in a Multilingual Magazine article published in June 2006. It was a fun article about how he had to deal on a daily basis… Read More

Terminology and Term – An interactive presentation

Making Terminology fun is one of the goals of this blog. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to achieve, but I try to combine serious stuff with more fun stuff, when I can. Learning doesn’t have to be boring. So… Read More

Terminology Awareness Survey Results

I am happy to report on the results of my recent survey on terminology awareness which included participants from groups of translators in Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Although it was a very simple, seven-question survey, I think you… Read More

Terminology Theory in Easy-to-Swallow Pills

I could finally give the final touches to this post, turned PowerPoint presentation, for easy reading. I hope you “enjoy” it, if such a verb can be used along the word “theory”! As I mention in the presentation,… Read More

Deconstructing Designations: Term, Appellation, Symbol

In previous posts I have referred to conceptual systems, definitions, and the semantic triangle. Today I talk about designations. Together, they make up the basis that underpins terminology work. ISO 704 states it clearly: “Objects, concepts, designations and… Read More

Terminology and product liability

There’s no denying that terminology inconsistency could not only undermine customer trust in our products, but also have serious legal implications for a business when its documentation –such as user manuals, technical manuals, online help, training, tutorials, etc.–… Read More