Wise Words: Insights from successful terminologists (Part II)

Following up on my previous blog post (read Part I here) I present today some quotes from more terminologists (hard to pick!). Read the full interviews from these and more experts by accessing TermCoord’s second collection of interviews:… Read More

Wise Words: Insights from successful terminologists (Part I)

You probably already know TermCoord’s “Why is Terminology Your Passion”, a collection of interviews of terminologists who talk about their experience with Terminology and terminology management. So here are a few quotes taken from the first collection. Of… Read More

New role description for terminologists

Uwe Muegge (@UweMuegge) recently shared in Twitter the result of a joint expert collaboration among several organizations and individuals in the form of role descriptions for terminologists, translators, interpreters (spoken and signed language), and transcriber-translators. Below is their description for terminologists which… Read More

From Translator to Terminologist: Terminology as a Professional Career

There are those translators who manage terminology and also those who become full-time terminologists. More and more translators and other professionals are becoming terminologists or have dived headfirst into terminology research and work. Last week, Proz.com held its Annual Virtual… Read More