Visit to TermCoord in Luxembourg

Hello everybody. I’m finally back in DC after my week-long  study visit to the Terminology Coordination Unit (TermCoord) of the European Parliament, and I have now the time and energy to report on my visit after recovering from… Read More

Readings in terminology reclassified by Ah-Ha! moment

Great news! I have updated my page on Readings in Terminology by Ah-Ha! Moment. It means that I have classified my sources by beginner (*), intermediate (**), and advanced (***). It is a very personal classification, so please… Read More

8 quotes by terminologist Uwe Muegge

Uwe Muegge (see his Linkedin profile here) is an experienced terminologist and translation technology expert. I offer you some highlights on just a few of his published works that I have been reading (see list below). He explains in… Read More

Resources on Project Management

Before taking the plunge into project management, I would like to share some valuable resources on project management.  Why is this important for a terminologist? Because you could either get involved in an ongoing project in an organization… Read More

Term Finder: resources galore!

Nowadays you can’t complain that you don’t have enough resources for your terminology work. I have 63 dictionaries, glossaries and search engines as well as 20 corpora (parallel texts) in my newly renamed section “Term Finder”. I just… Read More

Trustworthiness of websites during term search

Termbase creation and updating requires a lot of research. When looking for terms on the Internet, be careful and ask yourself the following questions: