From the Terminologist’s Toolbox: WIPO Pearl Terminology Database

I was honored to meet Cristina Valentini, Head of the Terminology Unit in the PCT Translation Division at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) during the EAFT meeting that took place last year in Luxembourg. If you missed it, last… Read More

Most used online terminology resources

During the Translating Europe Forum that took place this week in Brussels, there was a lot of live tweeting with the hashtag #TranslatingEurope, and a tweet by Maria Pia Montoro (@Wordlo) caught my attention. It referred to the… Read More

An annotated list to TermCoord’s catalogue of downloadable terminology resources

TermCoord offers a catalogue of downloadable terminology books and other resources which I comment below to help you get a better idea of its contents. I mention first the publications whose full version is downloadable and then proceed… Read More

Latest additions to my Terminology Padlet

Don’t you love it when you are researching the Internet and Poof! suddenly you find an article or document that you had not seen before. Well, that’s why I love my new Terminology Padlet,  not only because I… Read More

IMOT goes to Padlet – Sharing the Terminology Love

Padlet is a virtual wall used by teachers and students, sort of a virtual bulletin board to share information, whether it’s just a comment, a picture, a video, or a link. But it can also be used as a place… Read More

InMyOwnTerms goes Delicious. 180 links to add to your Favorites!

I finally did it! I organized all of my links for resources in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, as well as dictionaries, glossaries, corpora, blogs, and much more. Check it out here: I have deleted the contents of my section… Read More

Twitter handles and hashtags relevant to Terminology

Before I give you my list, you probably know that both handle and hashtag in Twitter are good examples of  Terminologization, if you remember my post on that topic. So first things first, here is a short history… Read More

Collection of Electronic Resources in Translation Technologies (CERTT)

Although some resources in this site are restricted to students and professors at the University of Ottawa (Canada) there are still quite a few resources you can explore. Website is available in English and French. Click here. What… Read More

The Pan-Latin Terminology Network and its multilingual glossaries

Created in 1993, the Pan-Latin Terminology Network (Realiter) brings together individuals, institutions and bodies that actively work in terminology in Neo-Latin languages, that is, Romance languages: Each language is represented in The Realiter Committee as follows: Catalan: Universitat… Read More

ISO’s Online Browsing Platform (terms and definitions)

You are probably aware that every technical standard published by ISO has a corresponding terminology. So you have access to reliable terms and definitions. It is indeed one of the little known sources to look for terms and… Read More

Terminology fun with Google Fight

If you haven’t heard about Google Fight then you are missing the fun of comparing two words or terms and see which one is the most popular in Google, that is, which one is more frequently used. Although… Read More

An infographic, an article and two videos: New terminological resources

I’m always so happy to find new resources for my blog, because I can share it with you and expand my resource lists so that you can always come back to them when you need them. This time they… Read More