The “Triple Constraint” of Terminology Projects

A common topic discussed in terminology training courses deals with project constraints known as the “Triple Constraint”: scope, time (schedule), and cost (budget/resources). They are an important part of project management processes because they limit the smooth running… Read More

Writing your first Project Charter

The Charter is a key document that brings together all the separate pieces of information about the project with a view to ensure the buy-in from all the stakeholders. Proper construction of a project charter can help ensure… Read More

How to Justify Your Terminology Project Goals

In a previous post I talked about how to identify and write your SMART goals. Now we need to talk about how we go about justifying them. First, you need to present your business case: a start-up document… Read More

Writing Your Terminology Project Goals

Most trainers explain the PM process using the cake analogy, and when it comes to goals it is useful to see it from that perspective, too.

The Concept Phase of Terminology Projects

As promised, this year I’ll resume the Terminology Project Management series. In a previous post I talked about the importance of managing stakeholders in terminology projects. This and other components are part of the Concept or Initiating Phase… Read More

The Lifecycle of Terminology Projects

There are many useful components, tools, and processes involved in PM in order to manage a project successfully, from getting to know your stakeholders to managing time and costs and developing soft skills. So it is not surprising… Read More

Terminology Project Stakeholders: Be Aware and Beware!

One of the first things you need to do when you start a project is to figure out who your stakeholders are and get to know them well. A person or group of people who has an interest… Read More

3 things you need to be a good Terminology Project Manager

Knowledge is power. And you acquire knowledge by learning the tools and techniques that are available and how and when to use them. If you are going to get involved in a terminology project, talk to people who… Read More

Resources on Project Management

Before taking the plunge into project management, I would like to share some valuable resources on project management.  Why is this important for a terminologist? Because you could either get involved in an ongoing project in an organization… Read More

The “how to” of terminology project planning

This is the first of a series of posts related to terminology project management. There are many aspects involved in terminology project planning and we need to talk about them in detail. This and future related posts will be organized… Read More