Interview en español: El Café de la Tarde GT by Alejandra Durán

Thank you, Alejandra Durán, for giving me this opportunity to talk about Terminology en español. Here is the link to the recording. Para los hispanohablantes, sigan a Ale @aleduran23 y sus entrevistas con la etiqueta #ElCafédelaTardeGT.

TermSetter, Besharat Fathi

I am happy and honored to present the first TermSetter: Besharat Fathi. I have been following her in social media for quite a while and had the pleasure to meet her personally during the last EAFT meeting in… Read More

Terminology in Padlet – An interview about IMOT and Terminology

“Where Translation, Linguistics, and Technology Meet”. That is the title of an interview published by Padlet on this blog. I was very excited to be able to talk about terminology and reach out to new audiences. I hope you… Read More

What an honor! SDL Trados interviews IMOT

I have been honored with an interview by SDL Trados for their Translation Zone blog. Check it out! Click here to read interview. Thanks to Daniel Lifton, Social Media Marketing Executive, for this great opportunity to talk about terminology. Patricia

Entrevista con la terminóloga, Dra. María Teresa Cabré en el programa Don de Lenguas (U de Salamanca)

Note: If you don’t speak Spanish I recommend that you read a recent interview to Dr. Cabré (in English) by TermCoord. Click here to read. La Universidad de Salamanca, en su blog Don de Lenguas, entrevista a la… Read More

Interview on my blogging adventures, by TermCoord

It is an honor for me to have been interviewed by TermCoord during my recent visit to Luxembourg. Special thanks to Simona Tigris for preparing it. I was very impressed with her personally and professionally, and I really… Read More

Terminology Talk with Gabriele Sauberer, Director–International Network for Terminology (TermNet)

A pioneer in the field of professional preparation and management of EU funded projects, she successfully manages the International Network for Terminology since 2002. For the European Commission she acted as consultant to European eContent and 6th Framework… Read More

Terminology Talks with the Pros: Uwe Muegge, Terminologist

It would be hard to describe in a few lines the vast experience that Uwe Muegge has in terminology, translation, localization, and education. He currently is the VP of Strategic Technology Solutions at OmniLingua Worldwide, a language service… Read More

Terminology Talk with the Pros: Sérgio Barros, Linguist/Terminologist

A few years ago I was visiting a friend in Geneva and every time I walked passed WIPO’s headquarters I felt a particular attraction. I don’t know if it was that beautiful building, or if it’s just a… Read More

Terminology Talk with the Pros: Barbara Inge Karsch

Barbara Inge Karsch is the owner of BIK Terminology, a terminology consultancy and training company. As consultant and trainer, Barbara works with companies and organizations on terminology training, terminology development and implementation of terminology management systems (TMS). She… Read More

Terminology: Talking with the Pros: Interview with Rodolfo Maslias, Head of the Terminology Coordination Unit of the European Parliament

Thank you, Rodolfo for this interview. It is an honour to have you as my first guest in this series of short interviews with experienced terminologists who can guide us on our journey in the terminology field. In… Read More