A new infographic! Modern Terminology History

We went from the first steps to the teen years and now to the modern history and a quick look at what happened from the 1930s to today’s date. Hope you enjoy the short but fun ride! Click… Read More

The 11 Thinking Hats of Terminologist Eugen Wüster (Born October 10, 1898)

I thought it would be most appropriate to honor this Austrian terminologist on his 116 birthday (born October 10, 1898) by sharing some highlights about his prolific career. It is really hard to include all of his accomplishments… Read More

Terminology: From Toddler to Teen (An infographic) Part 2

I am happy to share my second infographic on a brief history of terminology. We went from her first baby steps to now being a debutante. I hope you enjoy it and share it. Source: Curso Básico de… Read More

An infographic: The birth of terminology (The first steps)

Terminology is as old as human language and I wanted to take a break to show you how it all started with a fun infographic and in future graphs will show you some more short but enlightening history…. Read More