VARIENG: Corpus Resource Database

I´m hoping no one is complaining about too many posts. This is what happens when you attend a conference and people are sharing information. So here is another little jewel: The VARIENG corpus search tool. According to their home… Read More

KWIC, KWAC, and KWOC (not a knock-knock joke!)

You might have heard about at least one of these. They are abbreviations used by concordancers used in indexing. So you will also hear about kwic index, kwac index or kwoc index which contain keywords used as “access”… Read More

Recommended free courses and other useful information

Useful information Corpus linguistics guru, Mura Nava, recently shared useful links to research he has done and other useful information, such as alternatives to AntConc. I’m sure language lovers will be happy to read about this in the… Read More

Readings, tools, and useful links for corpus analysis

The following list is a result of collaboration by participants of Lancaster’s recent MOOC on Corpus Linguistics. This is a selection of the links that I considered more relevant for those who might want to start exploring this… Read More

Create your first corpus and analyze it with AntConc (and related links to explore!)

I think many of us might feel a bit intimidated when we first approach a new tool, but Laurence Anthony (Professor in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Waseda University, Japan) developed AntConc so skillfully that once… Read More

Introducing Terminotics (although you probably already use it!)

Terminotics, the meeting point of three interrelated disciplines (Computational Linguistics, Linguistic Engineering and Terminology) refers to the “practice of terminography assisted by computer tools and technologies, such as those designed for term extraction and parallel corpora creation.” (Forlaron)…. Read More

From the terminologist toolbox: GraphColl – visualizing your term networks (and it’s fun!)

I have been playing with this free tool for the analysis of collocation networks, developed at the ESRC Centre for Corpus approaches to Social Science, Lancaster University (UK). It is very easy to use. You only need to… Read More

Using Google Ngram Viewer to draw graphs from corpora

One of the things I love about writing this blog is receiving feedback from my readers. Terminologist Licia Corbolante, owner of the blog in Italian, terminologia etc, reminded me of this tool after reading my most recent blog… Read More

Get to know (and use!) your English corpora: BNC, GloWbE, COCA, COHA and more!

Documenting yourself during you terminological research is essential for terminology work, especially if you’re dealing with an unknown topic, regardless of your target language. Corpora gather the works of subject-matter experts using concordancers that allow us to look… Read More