Reviving the Terminology Handbook by Silvia Pavel and Diane Nolet

Many of you probably already know Pavel’s Tutorial, which is an online course that presents the basics on terminology with useful exercises. The Tutorial it’s a great place to start, but also Silvia Pavel and Diane Nolet of… Read More

A University Handbook on Terminology and Specialized Translation (A book review)

As a result of my recent blog post on a review of TermCoord’s free resources on Terminology, I came across this handbook that caught my attention right away, as I am always looking for didactic material that is… Read More

9 Steps for Successful Corporate Terminology Management

I read about Dr. Petra Drewer’s 9 steps in a presentation she made during TermNet’s 2011 Terminology Summer School (see Sources below). The 9 stages are also described in Ariane Großjean’s book “Corporate Terminology Management: An approach in… Read More

Terminology in the Microsoft Manual of Style for technical communicators

This is a great reference document, freely available online in PDF format (click here to download the PDF directly to your computer or google it as filetype:PDF). The 2012 4th edition is “your everyday guide to usage, terminology, and… Read More

Terminology: The bridge between worlds

Glancing through the Spanish version of M. Teresa Cabré’s book entitled “Terminology: Theory, Methods, Applications”, I read the preface by Juan Sager who referred to terminology as a bridge between multiple worlds, and I couldn’t agree more with… Read More

Terminology in The Global English Style Guide: A book recommendation

First, a disclaimer. I’m recommending this book because I believe it’s a great guide. I don’t know the author or have any contact with him and I’m not receiving any monetary or other kind of compensation by recommending… Read More