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Below is the information copied from TermNet’s page about the requirements. If you are still wondering if you have the level, read my post on the topics that are covered in their certification by clicking here. That post gives you the links to the posts related to those topics. I would love to know if you are signing up, so send me a message. I fully recommend TermNet as they are the “guilty” ones for the creation of this blog. 🙂

Minimum Requirements

The course was designed for language and terminology professionals, students and researchers who are looking for a practice-oriented, comprehensive, state-of-the-art introduction to terminology management theory and practice.

No specific background or knowledge level is required to participate. However, the course is most beneficial to those who have at least minimum experience working with or on terminology.

In order to consider your application we, therefore, ask you to submit a short paragraph about your level of experience with terminology management (there is a field for that in the registration form).

The course is held in (international) English. We, therefore, expect all participants to master this language sufficiently well in order to follow the lectures and participate in group exercises.

How to register?

1st step: Fill in the following form and click “Register”.

2nd step: Check your personal information once again. If you want to change any information, please click “Change registration data”.

3rd step: If everything is correct, please click “Send Registration”.

And that’s all. You will receive an automated notification immediately. Our TSS team will then be in touch with you within a few days with further information.”

2 Comments on “Sign up for the 2017 Terminology Summer School by TermNet

  1. I want to register for the Terminology course offered this summer. I teach a Terminology class to future translators in a training program at the university, but most of what I know is from my own reading of T. Cabre, personal research and experience. I would love to participate in a course which better formalizes my knowledge. I would also love to someday do research in this field, which I find fascinating.

  2. That’s great Vicki. Best of luck. Keep me informed of how your course went. I would also love to have time to do research, but time goes too fast!
    Thanks for your comment.

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