Sample termbases

In this page I intend to gather articles, videos, and other relevant material to illustrate how the creation of a termbase is done using a CAT tool.

1. MultiTerm from SDL’s Trados is probably the most popular one. In this blog by Paul Flinkin on SDL you will find an explanation on how to convert an Excel file into a term base. Also useful is his post on “Creating a TM from a termbase, or glossary, in SDL Trados Studio”. For a MultiTerm termbase sample visit this page. (Please note that this link might only open as an “incognito” window. Just right click on the link and choose “Open link in incognito window”).

2. Atril’s DejaVu explains how to create a termbase in this short video. For their terminology extraction tool, also watch their video on how to use their Lexicon feature.

3. Transit Next and their TermStar NXT database creation is explained here.

4. Subscribe to this youtube Review of Translation Tools which includes Omega-T and LF Aligner.


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