A recount of my EAFT 8th Summit experience

eaftFrom November 14 to 15 I had the honor to participate during EAFT’s 18th Summit that took place in Luxembourg.  Was it worth the trip from Washington, D.C. and cross the pond all the way to Luxembourg? You bet!

As is always the case, the best part is meeting in person the terminologists that I had known for the past two years via social media. Every person I met was an amazing human being, truly committed to Terminology.

On Sunday, the day before the Summit, we had social events that gave me the chance to meet some of them. When we were doing the introductions around the dining table, I was happily surprised to find out that the person sitting next to me was also coming from D.C. and also worked for an international organization, the IMF. So from day one the trip was worth taking.

Then Monday and Tuesday, the presentations took place. One after the other, they gave us a peak into what is happening or will be happening in the world of Terminology. Of course, I could not give a detailed account of every presentation, but you can take a look at the online publication by TermCoord on speakers and abstracts.

It would be unfair to give highlights, because every presentation was a jewel in itself, but you might want to take a look at the following.

  1. The EU Terminology and upcoming IATE 2. To get an idea about the new IATE.
  2. Oscar Curros’ storify will allow you to quickly browse the tweets that were produced during and after the event. Great job, Oscar!
  3. The Terminologist of the 21st Century by Georgeta Ciobanu complemented by Donatella Pulitano’s Le profile du terminologue (this link will download a PowerPoint file). I am always interested to know about the work that terminologists are doing and will be doing.
  4. Terminology work in the digital era: New challenges of the democratisation of knowledge. I think you will find TERMCAT’s presentation by María Cortés and Sandra Cuadrado a great example of the work they are doing to promote Terminology.

I am sure you can get a good insight by just looking at those links, but you can also access all presentations by clicking here.

The days after the presentation I spent some time at TermCoord. It was nice to go back after more than a year and see them again in action. I have to say it never stops to amaze me what a great team they are, very professional and an amazing group of human beings. Their organization of the event was outstanding, but I am not surprised. Rodolfo Maslias is the leader of this great team and I truly believe that Terminology´s present and future couldn’t be in better hands.


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