The Pavel Terminology Tutorial still exists!

Thank you to Dr. Georg Löckinger, a professor of technical communication at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, and a faithful reader. He just sent me the new link to the Pavel Tutorial and I almost jumped off my seat when I saw it. It has a great new look by the way, and most importantly, it’s available in the four languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

Click here to consult: The Pavel Terminology Tutorial.

Thanks again to Dr. Löckinger!

7 Comments on “The Pavel Terminology Tutorial still exists!

  1. Hi, Stéphane. I just check the link and it works. Maybe you should open it in a different browser.

    Thanks for writing.

  2. Hi, Patricia. It’s broken for me too. When I follow the link, I get the following message: “You reached Wayback Machine Closed Beta Test Site”

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