Infographics on communication

It is true that this might not be related directly to terminology, but it’s about the evolution of communication and I believe it is worth sharing and taking a good look at how it has evolved. Nice job!


Twitting and blogging IMOT

So much to do, so much to learn. I’m starting to use Twitter again a long time after I opened my account and hopefully more blogging here. My idea is to blog about information that is already here to let people know what they can find, and let them know when I had new things. We’ll see!

Beginner’s luck

Being a beginner in the subject field of terminology is overwhelming, and I was indeed overwhelmed with so much information scattered here and there in the Internet and terrorized with the technicality of some of the documents I found. So, I had my doubts: Is this what I really want to do, do I really know what’s involved, what in the world am I supposed to do? and you might be wondering whether you’re up to the task or not.

Well, this is why I created this blog: to help you get the gist, and some more. I have just started the ECQA terminology certification and thought of this after the first day of class when I realized that there was so much information that I had gathered from webinars and courses. Then I spoke with my instructor and she agreed that it would be a good idea to present it as my final project, too. Most of the information will be in English, but being a native Spanish speaker I will certainly share some sources in Spanish too, and probably Portuguese and French in the future.   My hope is that by sharing this information you will not have to spend hours surfing the net while you figure out if this is what you want to do, or, in the words of Google, say “I’m feeling lucky”, and that by clicking a few clicks you will find the information that you are looking for.

And if you know about terminology, please don’t be shy and share with me and my readers your experience and resources. Please also feel free to correct me if you think I have given wrong information. Have fun!

Most importantly, please know that this blog was created with the intention of helping students learn about terminology and that I have researched all the sources and provided the links to the original information available on the Internet. This material has been gathered only for educational and cultural purposes. Thank you.