Olga Umaña (Colombia), winner of the terminology book raffle


I asked the winners of my recent raffle to send me a picture and a short bio when they got their respective books. Unfortunately, Olga Umaña’s s book (@OlgaUmanaC) got lost in the mail. We assume there’s someone at the post office who wants to study Terminology! In any case, since she is a university professor. I offered to send instead this terminology handbook (I recently shared this post about it) and she agreed. She finally received it this week. So, here is her story:

My name is Olga Umaña and I am from Manizales (Colombia). I have a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages (University of Caldas), and a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching (University of Caldas), and a Master’s degree in Translation Studies (Autónoma University of Manizales).

I have worked as a professor, researcher, thesis advisor, and translator. Together with my students, I have conducted recent research on topics such as translation sub-competencies, terminological competence, translating culturemes, identification and validation of neonyms, prototypicality effects of neonyms, scenes and frames of neonyms, and correspondence of Eventive Specialized Phraseological Units (eventive SPU), among others.

Aside from my research work, I have a translation and linguistic services agency (http://www.palabrasclave.com.co) supported by a group of professional translators and linguists.

In the picture, I am holding the book “A University Handbook on Terminology and Specialized Translation” by Noa Talaván Zanon. I was the lucky winner of the book raffle held to celebrate the second anniversary of the blog “In My Own Terms”. I will be happy to share it with my students and colleagues, as it is easy to read and has reference material on key issues of Terminology and Specialized Translation. I can also use it as didactic material thanks to the wide range of exercises it includes on different areas and to the simple, yet complete way to present topics. A valuable addition to our library.

I want to sincerely thank Patricia Brenes, not only for my wonderful book, but especially for sharing with Terminology students and scholars her constantly updated and rich blog. Warm hugs from Colombia!

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