NYU’s Introduction to CAT and Terminology Management course

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Always on the lookout for training opportunities for my readers. This is the latest find thanks to a Twitter follower! And going directly to my Training section for your future reference.

The School of Professional Studies of the University of New York will be offering a course on CAT tools and Terminology Management starting next February 17 and ending May 2.

The course will cover, among others, internationalization issues, handling file formats and building concept-oriented terminology lists. The course will be online and self-paced, and will count as a core course toward the online Certificate in Translation for all language pairs (see list here). Cost: US$695. Please note that website registration is not available and you will need to call them directly at 1+(212) 998-7150.



2 Comments on “NYU’s Introduction to CAT and Terminology Management course

  1. Is there a course being offered this September 2017 at NYU?

  2. Hi, Peter. Thanks for asking. As far as I know, they are not offering this for September, but I will be checking it to see when the next course opens.

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