NYU course “CAT tools and Terminology Management” – A review

elearningI recently completed this 2-month course offered online by NYU as part of their translation program but as stand-alone for non-NYU students like you and me. The main instructor was Carla Difranco

Since we have so few opportunities to have access to online courses on terminology I thought I´d give it a try and write a review after completing it.

There were 10 live lessons recorded for those who couldn’t attend: (1) Intro to CAT tools, (2) Intro to Terminology, (3) and (4) Trados I and II, (5) Mid-term; no live lesson, (6) and (7) MemoQ, (8) File types and how to work with them (9) Project Management (10) Machine Translation.


  • If you are new to CAT tools and terminology management this is a good place to start. They review the terminology principles that you need to know to create your first glossary in Excel. You have to send your Excel file with the terms to the instructor and that counts as your first evaluation.
  • They give you provisional licenses for Trados and MemoQ. The Trados license is for the duration of the course, but the MemoQ license is for one year. The first one you learn is MemoQ, and they ask you to do some lab work with the terminology you created in Excel.
  • You take the mid-term test which is 10 easy questions based on material. The final test also includes 10 easy questions. You get a grade for both. I reviewed the videos to make sure I didn’t miss anything important for the test, but you can start the test one day and continue another day. Then in the “second part” they continue with Trados and some lab work on the software. The instructor for Trados was Sören Eberhardt.
  • There is an active forum with questions and answers and to share information. Participation is a must and you will get a grade for it. The instructor, Carla Difranco, always answered questions and private messages quickly.
  • Carla was very knowledgeable and has long experience in terminology and has taught this course many times. Great opportunity to learn from a PRO! She was nice and helpful at all times. During the live classes you can feel that she´s always smiling and she has a nice laugh, which is always nice to hear during online lessons.
  • Live classes were informative and comprehensive. They took place Wednesdays at night. Times changed depending on Carla’s and Sören’s availability.
  • Great platform, easy to navigate.
  • No prerequisites. 16 students took the class and we all had different knowledge levels, so it was a nice mix.
  • Access to other NYU tools and resources.



  • Maybe the biggest issue is the cost, $745, so if you really know these tools and already have good knowledge about terminology, this might not be for you. However, if you are starting in the business I think it´s a good investment. (Of course, I’m not getting any money for recommending, all for the love of terminology and ultimately you make the decision based on your needs).
  • I was just a bit disappointed because the materials were about the translation profession, mostly taken from ATA’s magazine. I was hoping to read more about terminology. However, the articles were useful. For example, the first forum conversation was about rates, which I also found useful.
  • The videos are not downloadable. I contacted the IT office but they said they were not available. It was disappointing because sometimes when we study we don’t have Internet access, so it would be useful if we could revisit them without having to log in. Hopefully they will next time.

So there you have it. I hope it was useful and if they keep the course open next year I will post the info here in case you are interested.


2 Comments on “NYU course “CAT tools and Terminology Management” – A review

  1. Hi! I intend to take this course in February and your review was just what I was looking for.
    Just one question: did they give you any kind of certificate for the classes?

    Thank you.

  2. Sorry for the late response. Yes. They give you a certificate and an icon for your Linkedin page. Thanks for your question.

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