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Jobdesc2Uwe Muegge (@UweMuegge) recently shared in Twitter the result of a joint expert collaboration among several organizations and individuals in the form of role descriptions for terminologists, translators, interpreters (spoken and signed language), and transcriber-translators. Below is their description for terminologists which I have copied from their document. Read other role descriptions and more information by clicking here.

“Terminologists specialize in identifying the terms that are used by subject field experts when writing documents and for oral communication within individual disciplines. They create and disseminate terminological resources by recording terms or using specialized software to “extract” them from texts. They document terms and related concepts by crafting definitions, locating meaningful contexts, and providing guidance for usage. Frequently, terminologists play a role in naming new concepts or new products. They are also experts in using a variety of terminology management software solutions.

Terminologists may work in monolingual environments or they may create terminology resources that provide translation equivalents in two or more languages. Terminologists are often responsible for supporting or enforcing the use of standardized terms in an organization or publication environment. Today, terminologists are at work in foreign language services (translation and interpreting), in technical writing, in standardization, patent, and legal services, in information and documentation, in product planning and marketing, in research and development, in language planning and language maintenance, and in publishing houses (especially for dictionaries).

Many translators and interpreters are trained in the procedures for documenting multilingual terminology, but many terminologists also have training as technical writers, lexicographers, information scientists, and other subject field experts. In addition to courses in terminology management that are offered in translator training and technical writing programs, relevant courses include information management and semiotics, a branch of philosophy. National and international professional organizations conduct special training seminars and workshops, offer certification programs, and some universities offer graduate degree programs in terminology studies.”

Visit my page The Terminologist’s Job Description to read other role descriptions for terminologists.

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