smart owlA section where I give simple definitions and explanations about special terms related to terminology.

MySMARTerms 1Definitions of terminology

MySMARTerms 2Terminology, terminography, lexicology, lexicography

MySMARTerms 3: Preferred, admitted, and deprecated terms (ISO 0241-1)

MySMARTerms 4The onomasiological and semasiological approaches

MySMARTerms 5: The Semantic Triangle: Words don’t mean; people mean

MySMARTerms 6Deconstructing Designations: Term, Appellation, Symbol

My SMARTerms 7: Termontography…What?

My SMARTerms 8: The Synchronic and Diachronic approaches

My SMARTerms 9: (De-) (Re-) Terminologization

My SMARTerms 10: Unithood and Termhood

My SMARTerms 11: Terminometrics




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