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Can’t get enough of Terminology? Check out these other blogs.

TermCoord. (Terminology Coordination of the European Parliament). The most comprehensive page, with blog included, where you will find a link to IATE, interviews, publications, traineeships, a neologism database, their cooperation with universities, etc. A first stop that shouldn’t be missed. (bab.la’s top (#4) Language Prof. Blog 2014)

Terminologia etc. by Licia Corbolante is in Italian. It focuses on concept analysis and primary and secondary term formation, as well as cultural, language-specific and non-linguistic factors that can affect terminology work. (bab.la’s top Language Prof. Blog 2011 (top #25), 2012 (top #4), 2013 (top #25), and 2014 (top #6).

WordLo is a blog by Maria Pia Montoro, Web content manager and linguistic tester at Intrasoft International Luxembourg. It contains posts on terminology, neologisms, buzzwords and updated information on terminology tools.  (bab.la’s top Language Twitter Account 2014 and Top Language Lovers 2013).

TerminoTrad is Roger McKeon’s blog. Read more about TerminoTrad resources here.

Other (inactive or somewhat active):

BIK terminology is an inactive but extremely illustrative blog by Barbara Inge Karsch which lists quite a few terminology areas where you can read short texts about them, such as “Terminology 101” which includes a note on what terminology management is. “Terminology: An expert explains” in that same section is a funny 2-min. video on why terminology matters.

TermNet’sTerminology Blog“: Also inactive (last update Oct 2013) but with lots of interesting information.

Terminology Forum: Terminology Forum is not a blog, but a global non-profit information forum for freely available terminological information online. The Forum, maintained by Anita Nuopponen with the help of her students at the Department of Communication Studies, University of Vaasa, Finland, provides information on terminological activities including terminology work, research and education, online glossaries and termbanks from different fields as well as on general language dictionaries in various languages.

Make sure you check out TermCoord’s list of terminology websites that includes, beside the ones mentioned above, TermWiki, TermCat, and Glossarissimo.

It is true that there are many blogs on translation and talk about specialized terminology. For example, TermCoord has a comprehensive list of translation blogs that are related to terminology. Check it out here. But there are just 4 active and 2 inactive that deal with terminology as a study field.

If you know of any other terminology blog, regardless of the language, let me know so that I can include it here.


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  2. Excellent contribution, Roger! Thanks for sharing. I will add Terminotrad Blog and I will be testing Multifultor, sounds interesting. I will also add it to my tools.

  3. It’s interesting that I’ve managed to subscribe to both inactive blogs.

  4. Yes, maybe they want to leave the opportunity open to write again. I know that’s what I would do if I ever stopped writing in my blog for any reason. 🙂

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