MOOCs for you!

I present below a few MOOCs that might interest you. If you read my recent interview to Rodolfo Maslias about the skills of the terminologist, these knowledge fields were mentioned. So I went to look at some of the main MOOC places to find free courses that we can take. Remember, you can choose to take the course for free with no certificate but also you can make a small payment to get the certificate. I usually like to take the first week and see how I feel about it before deciding if it’s worth getting the certificate or not. Let me know if you find other MOOCs that might be of interest to other readers. Some courses have already started, but you can still catch up! If it gets too advanced, at least the student can learn the basics and have a general idea of its contents.

  1. Introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT), Curtin University (Australia) starts in February.
  2. Deep learning explained. Microsoft, self-paced.
  3. Introduction to Big Data. Microsoft, already started until March 31st.
  4. Miracles of Human Language: An introduction to linguistics. Universiteit Leiden & Meertens instituut (KNAW)
  5. Towards language universals through lexical semantics. Introduction to lexical and semantic typology. National Research University (Higher School of Economics) in Russia. Ends February 19.
  6. Introduction to linked data and the semantic web. University of Southhampton. Register to show interest for the next course.
  7. Web science: How the web is changing the world. University of Southhampton. Register to show interest for the next course.

Happy learning!

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