Latest additions to my Terminology Padlet

Don’t you love it when you are researching the Internet and Poof! suddenly you find an article or document that you had not seen before. Well, that’s why I love my new Terminology Padlet,  not only because I can capture those little jewels for future reading, but also I can give you the opportunity to add your own favorites.

In the last few days I have added some interesting ones that include:

  1. Developing authority files for art information: CCO, CDWA, and the CONA model, by Patricia Harpring, Managing Director of the Getty Vocabulary Program. A PowerPoint presentation of May 2015 based on the book “Introduction to Controlled Vocabularies”. 332 pages on the basics on controlled vocabularies, with great examples and illustrations.
  2. Glossary of terms pertaining to the discipline of terminology management, by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Last update of 2009, but a good reference list.
  3. Improving the feedback mechanism and the validation workflow at TermCoord, by Maria Pia Montoro. An interesting proposal on a project tracking tool for teams that could serve as a benchmark for others.
  4. Lexicograffiti. A PowerPoint presentation retrieved from TermCoord’s website, by Gerhard Budin (2012), 32 pages on trends for eLexicography, Terminology, and Global Content Management, and a Summary of Terminology Management Principles, with examples and case studies.
  5. How to choose term candidates. Lingua Greca reblogs an article by Barbara Inge Karsch originally published in ATA’s Chronicle magazine. One of my favorite reads.
  6. Nine things you need to know about copyright: A good practice guide for administrators, librarians and academics. Two copyright experts talk extensively about this important subject that also applies to our field. The article comes from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Add my terminology Padlet to your favorites and visit it weekly to check for new additions. And don’t be shy, go ahead and add whatever you find on terminology.


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