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ISOYou are probably aware that every technical standard published by ISO has a corresponding terminology. So you have access to reliable terms and definitions. It is indeed one of the little known sources to look for terms and definitions. The browsing platform allows you to search standards, collections, publications, graphical symbols, country codes, and, most importantly for terminologists, terms and definitions.

The languages available are English, French, Russian, Spanish and German. You can search by alphabetical order, by relevance, and view basic or full entries, among other useful options. On the left side of the screen you can see the language, the committees involved with the term or definition, as well as the technical sectors, the publication year, and the type of standard.

For example, if you look up the term “ageing”, it is more often used in ISO/TC 45 “Rubber and rubber products”, ISO/TC 94/SC 13 “Protective Clothing”, and “Continuous mill flat rolled products”. So, if you’re looking for related terms and their definitions, using the ISO platform will help you get reliable results.

Even entering a simple term will generate very interesting results. Take “density”, for example. You will get related terms and definitions such as air density, mass density, probability density function, static density, absolute density, etc. And in separate columns their respective entry in the other available languages.

If you’re looking for symbols and their definition, the platform is quite effective in providing a lot of options. For example, if you look for “safety” and click on Graphical Symbols, you will get 199 safety signs, 82 symbols on equipment use, and 50 on water safety signs. When you hover on each symbol with your mouse, you get some basic information such as what Standard and Committee it refers to and the available format (e.g. PDF) –if you´re interested in buying it. After you click on the image it takes you to the entry with the description which helps you have a better idea of the concept.

So, give it a try and save it to your favorites. The link to the browsing platform is

Happy searching!

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