ISO 12616: Translation-Oriented Terminography

Extract taken from ISO 12616 (Translation-Oriented Terminography):


Translators have always had a need to record terminological information for later use. Translators dealing with specialized texts face an increasing need to record and retrieve terminological information, as it saves time and allows them to work more efficiently. Experience has shown that terminography facilitates translation by enabling translators

— to record and systematize terminology,

— to use terminology consistently over time, and

— to deal more efficiently with multiple languages.

By recording terminological information systematically, translators can enhance their performance, improve text quality and increase productivity. An organized collection of terminological information makes it possible for translators to keep track of, and reuse, their expertise, and facilitates cooperation between individuals or teams of translators.

Translation-oriented terminography

1   Scope

This International Standard provides guidelines to enable translators and translation support staff to record, maintain and quickly and easily retrieve terminological information in connection with translation work.

The quality of a translation can be measured partly in terms of linguistic elements, such as style and grammar, and partly in terms of the accurate use of the terminology involved. The guidelines in this International Standard provide the necessary elements for quality control of terminological information in translations. The guidelines can also be adapted to provide a basis for the administration of source-language texts, parallel texts, translations, and other information (e.g. bibliographies, references) in the target language.

This International Standard is applicable to the work of an individual translator as well as the work of a team or a department. It also lays down guidelines that are essential for the interchange of terminological data.

Source and further reading:

Translation-oriented terminography. (Access here.)

Article: Streamlining translation – ISO 12616: 2002, Translation-Oriented Terminography by Carol B. Eckman.

PowerPoint presentation: Translation-oriented terminography in the electronic age. Dr Mariëtta Alberts Pan South African Language Board


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