International Institute for Terminology Research (IITF)

The International Institute for Terminology Research (IITF) was created on January 25, 1989, in Austria, by the International Information Centre for Terminology (INFOTERM), to promote and coordinate basic research in terminology; advance terminology training; provide those actively engaged in terminology research, especially academics, with a professional platform for exchange of experience and information and for joint research and training projects. It holds training courses and acts as co-organizer of scientific symposia and conferences.2

Its sphere of operations focuses on (i) the promotion and coordination of basic research in terminology and (ii) the advancement of terminology training.

The University of Vaasa in Finland hosts the IITF Secretariat and its Executive Board includes terminology experts:

  • Professor Johan Myking, University of Bergen, Norway (President, Official relations
  • Professor Gerhard Budin, University of Vienna, Austria (Vice-President, Summer School, Training, and Projects)
  • Professor Gisle Andersen, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway (Publication Terminology Science and Research)
  • Associate professor Marita Kristiansen, Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway (Publication Terminology Science and Research)
  • Professor Øivin Andersen, University of Bergen, Norway
  • Professor Nina Pilke, University of Vaasa, Finland
  • Assistant professor Niina Nissilä, University of Vaasa, Finland (Treasurer, Membership issues and finances)
  • Sergej Grinev, Prof. Cecelia Plested Alvarez, Prof. Bassey Antia, Prof. Larissa Alekseeva (Co-opted members).

IITF issues the following publications:

  1. TSR “Terminology Science & Research” journal is an international scientific review that focuses on terminological research. The TSR is published in electronic form since 2003. Free issues can be downloaded from here (The newest issue is for members only)
  2. IIFT-series is a selection of articles from Terminology Science & Research published in book form every two years. A list of IITF publications can be found here.
  3. TermNet News, available to members only.

Membership of IITF is available on an individual or institutional basis. Membership includes receiving the journals TRS and TermNet News free of charge; members are, furthermore, entitled to purchase IITF publications and to avail themselves of a number of TermNet services at especially favorable rates.



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  2. Open Yearbook of the Union of International Associations.

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