InMyOwnTerms goes Delicious. 180 links to add to your Favorites!

Delicious_Textlogo.svgI finally did it! I organized all of my links for resources in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, as well as dictionaries, glossaries, corpora, blogs, and much more.
Check it out here:
I have deleted the contents of my section “TermFinder” and added the link to IMOT’s Delicious in case you need it in the future.
It was getting really hard to organize so I spent the holidays sorting them out. I have included most of the links that used to be under TermFinder and also added the links in my sections in French, Portuguese, and Spanish.
This is a great tool to handle your links and you can add IMOT’s Delicious page to your Favorites, so as to have immediate access to them. Obviously, I would want you to keep visiting my blog and not forget about it!
Delicious is very easy to use and you can click on the TAGS or the TAG BUNDLES to see the topics that I have used. Please let me know if you ever find a broken link or send me a note if you think there’s a mistake or if you want me to add a special link. If you have a Delicious page let me know, so that I can add it to the section “Network” (I’m currently following two translators).
If you decide to use Delicious, you may use the Delicious App in your computer to add new links automatically from your favorite pages.
Let me know if you find it useful. Happy searching!


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