IMOT goes to Costa Rica for vacation

I took a short break to visit my home country, Costa Rica, and enjoy some quiet time with my family and some not-so-quiet (but fun!) time doing some adventure tourism. So before I start posting again I wanted to share a few pics that I took during my trip. It is just a selection of the highlights of the trip but we did a lot more, like taking a night walk into the cloud forest to watch some really cool creatures such as snakes, frogs, and more.

Maybe the best part was whale watching and I was lucky enough to capture one of the jumps that a baby whale made very close to our boat. And we got a chance to swim nearby and listen to them sing. I have uploaded to YouTube to share it with you:

I hope you enjoy them and if you ever plan to travel to Costa Rica, let me know. I’ll be happy to recommend places to visit.

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