I’m back!

Slowly but surely, I will restart publishing soon. It’s been about a month since my last post, but I had a few personal issues to deal with, from moving to a new place to closely monitoring my family’s situation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. As you know, I am originally from Costa Rica, but my older sister and her family have been living in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico for many, many years. I finally got a call today from her saying that they are fine. We had heard from our nephew a few days after the hurricane that they were fine, but there’s nothing more reassuring than being able to talk to them after so many days without communication. There is a lot of damage in Puerto Rico. Food, gas, and water are scarce, but they are trying to get ahead.

I will start posting soon, but in the meantime, please look for a way (Red Cross or other organization) to make a donation for Puerto Rico.

Thank you to those who have been asking and I am deeply touched by your messages and a special welcome to the people who have been subscribing to my blog during my absence. The world is going through tough times, but it is our obligation to keep doing what we are doing, to take care of our friends and family and to help those in need.



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  1. Thank you! Everything is better now, although Puerto Rico is still in a bad situation, but little by little the community is working together.

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