What happened to the Pavel tutorial?

Update: The Pavel Terminology Tutorial was found! Click here.

I have been asked this question a few times, as the links I used on this site are no longer active. Therefore, I went to their website and looked for it and, indeed, it does not longer exist. They had changed the link several times and I had some hard time trying to catch up with them. The only document that I found which was “still alive” was Pavel’s Handbook of Terminology in English and Spanish (oddly enough, the Spanish is under the French heading).

For those of you who don’t know, the Pavel Tutorial, or The Pavel, called after its author, Silvia Pavel, was initially intended for Canadian government personnel but was open to the public. It was created by the Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) of the Government of Canada, which also developed the TERMIUM database.

The interactive, six-lesson Tutorial was developed as a result of a request from ISO to the Translation Bureau of Canada, as ISO needed help to produce standards in the area of terminology methodology. The tutorial was launched at the ISO TC 37 plenary in Paris in August 2004.

In any case, the tutorial is gone. I am sad because it was one of the first sources that I used and it had some good material. However, I understand that many things have happened since 2004 and the tutorial had quite a few things that were outdated, so it would be logical to assume that they decided to archive it for good.

In any case, I still have in my blog the “Key Points” of the Pavel tutorial. Also The Pavel was based on the Handbook, so you can still find a lot of information there.

Mystery solved!

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  1. Perfect and thanks Patricia!
    👍 I didn’t know about the tutorial.
    For the methodology, documents from Quebec are also very useful + Catalan translation is also available by Cabré & TERMCAT.
    The Catalan adaptation is also available and one of the very interesting sources is about borrowings and criteria related to loan terms.

    Thanks for the diffusion of the news.

  2. Thanks for the info to the anonymous commenter. And Besharat, I can’t recall it, but other people asked me too! 🙂

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