5th place again! Thanks for voting

Slide1Just a short note to let you know that bab.la’s and Lexiophiles international blog competition is over and I managed to keep my 5th place in the Professional Language Blog category and also placed 25th in the overall classification.

Thank you so much for voting and sharing. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without you.


Also, huge congratulations to Licia Corbolante (@terminologia), who placed 2th in the same category and 7th in the overall classification, plus 14th in the Twitter category. A special thanks to her who asked her blog subscribers to vote for me. Thank you, Licia, and congratulations! 

My other long-time supporter, TermCoord placed 6th and Olga Geno (@OlgaJeno), who participated for the first time, placed 8th both in PLB category and Facebook category. Great job, Olga! And the awesome Maria Pia Montoro (@wordlo) placed 17th on Twitter too. Another great supporter, Nuria de Andrés (@nundrea) placed 8th in Language Twitters.


Thank you. Gracias, Grazie, Merci, Obrigada, Danke.




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